SEO Tip – New Content


Fresh content can help boost your rankings. Add new, helpful write-ups to your pages regularly and keep it updated. Content freshness adds relevancy to your page in the eyes of several search engines. Make sure links to your page and within your site use your keywords and keyword phrases. If you are targeting the phrase “blue widgets” then use it and link to it, not to the “Click here” link.


SEO Tip – Do Not Rely on Page Rank Solely


Try not to be too obsessed with Page Rank. It is just one part of the ranking algorithm. A page with a lower page rank can still defeat those who are on top. You just have to keep working on your content, links and of course page design. Make sure you have a good and unique tag on every page of your website.

It is best if they are keyword focused. Do not forget to put the name of your company at the bottom or last page too!

Interlink for the Success of Your Business


You have pages and comments on your site, so make good use of them. Internal links are excellent for link building since you can manipulate everything about them, from the locale on the site to the anchor text.

This is something that a lot of people overlooked, and you should not commit the same mistake. Make sure you steer your content in the path similar to other posts or pages so you can readily link to them.

Also, if you own many sites, interlinking is beneficial unless they are completely inappropriate.

Creating an RSS Feed for Marketing

If your blog is run on some of the most well-known Content Management Systems, you will automatically have an RSS feed. Otherwise, you will be required to create one. Creating an RSS feed by burning it at can help you get statistics on your customers or followers.

For link building, it is very simple. There are pages that will grab some of your contents without your permission. When this happens, you have to be sure that you will get a link back by submitting posts with links to several other pages on your site and placing the RSS footer plugin especially for WordPress to add some more links to your blogs for every post.